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May 5, 2015
Celebrate Patient Safety: SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands

Saraya Co., Ltd. is proud to support the SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands campaign, which is celebrated yearly on May 5th. Those familiar to trends in healthcare hygiene and patient safety will know that May 5th is the official day of celebration and affirming commitment to patient safety through hand hygiene and the use of alcohol hand rub to prevent infections and the spread of pathogens in healthcare settings.

SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands is part of the larger program started in 2005, WHO Clean Care is Safer Care, pioneered by Professor Didier Pittet of the Geneva University Hospital in Switzerland. Clean Care is Safer Care was created as a foundation to cultivate a global understanding of the importance of patient safety and hand hygiene to reduce infections in the hospital. The project is dedicated to gaining the acknowledgment of governments in order to promote development of patient safety policies and programs on the country level. Since the program began 10 years ago, hospitals in over 171 countries have committed to SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands.

Unclean practices and insufficient hand hygiene in hospitals account for unexpected treatment, extended stays and many deaths throughout developing and developed countries worldwide. In 2002, 99,000 deaths were attributed to healthcare associated infections (1). The burden is great, but only until recently has the real effects of insufficient hand hygiene been understood. These numbers are climbing due to antibiotic-resistant organisms.

Since 2009, SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands has been celebrated annually on May 5th, represents the five fingers of both hands, or 5-5. This campaign is a ground-level initiative alongside the country-level Clean Care is Safer Care program, that enrolls the support and enthusiasm of healthcare workers around the world to generate awareness and support for reducing healthcare associated infections. "System change" and creating a culture of awareness regarding hand hygiene are pillars of the SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands. This year the WHO is using social media to create awareness via photos posted by supporters displaying the phrase, "#safehands". Images of supporters can be viewed at

Professor Pittet is also challenging hospitals to record their own attempt at beating the Guiness record-holding hand hygiene relay this year. Information can be found on Youtube as well as the Clean Care is Safer Care website. SARAYA, the leader in healthcare hygiene in Japan, is proud to support and publicize this year's May 5th SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands campaign, and our offices worldwide are excited to participate in  May 5th activities at local hospitals. SARAYA'S website for May 5th is available at for downloadable posters and a screensaver to support this year's activities.

As on of the WHO's initial members of the POPs committee, SARAYA is dedicated to the SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands, and the active role the group takes in bringing hand hygiene to developing countries. The goal of POPs is to create collaboration between businesses for the sustainable good of spreading knowledge and opportunities for hand hygiene to developing countries. President Yusuke Saraya of Saraya Co., Ltd. has kept this policy in the creed of the company. "The only way to achieve change and a sustainable society is through collaboration between businesses and the non-profit sector. POPs reflects this ideal, just as SARAYA believes this to be the basis for its CSR projects," said Yusuke Saraya while visiting Cambodia to witness the signing in of the Ministry of Health's pledge to become a supporting member of the SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands Campaign.

1. Stone PW, Braccia D, Larson E. Systematic review of economic analyses of health care-associated infections. American Journal of Infection Control, 2005, 33:501–509.

May 27, 2014
Saraya Hygiene Malaysia participated in the 4th Borneo Infection Control Congress (BICC)

Saraya Hygiene Malaysia was proud to join the 4th Borneo Infection Control Congress (BICC) held on May 15th and 16th in Kuching, Malaysia. Every two years the BICC is held on the island of Borneo in East Malaysia. This was the first year the congress was held in Kuching, Sarawak.

The BICC attracts participants from all over Malaysia, making it the most anticipated and active infection control conferences in Malaysia with large community dedicated to learning and practicing the latest in patient safety and infection control.

The BICC is famous for bringing premiere speakers from all over Asia. This year participants were able to attend presentations by Prof. Seto, Prof. Patrica Ching, Prof. Ling Moi Ling and Professor Didier Pittet from Geneva University Hospital.

This year was especially exciting due to the release of "Clean Hands Save Lives" by Thierry Crouzet. This book was written based on interviews with Professor Pittet and his experience bringing hand hygiene to the forefront of patient safety, changing healthcare culture and saving millions of lives.

Saraya sponsored a book signing by Professor Pittet, and was a highlight of the BICC, attracting hundreds of nurses and doctors to meet Professor Pittet.

Hospital related infections kill millions of patients each year while in hospital care. Professor Pittet's work is dedicated to improving patient safety around the world. Please read "Clean Hands Save Lives," which is available from Amazon and your favorite book store.


May 23, 2014
Saraya Co., Ltd. held a ceremony to welcome the Goodmaid group

Saraya Co., Ltd. held a ceremony to welcome the Goodmaid Chemical Corporation and related companies into the Saraya family of companies. Saraya reached an agreement this January to acquire a 100% stake in the Goodmaid group, a Malaysian manufacturing and marketing company of sanitation and hygiene products.

The ceremony started with presentations by each company, after an introduction on Saraya's business, Yusuke Saraya, the president of Saraya, made a presentation about our history and CSR activities in Malaysia and globally. CEO Lim Bin Tek of the Goodmaid Group made presentation on their prospects as a member of Saraya. Through the presentations, we were able to deepen our understanding of each company and strengthen the bond.

For the dinner, the employees of both companies were able to meet and communicate, many for the first time. It was a great opportunity for us to deepen our relationships. Most importantly, both teams are determined to strive toward the mission of improving the wellbeing of the world through Sanitation, Environment and Health.


May 12, 2014
Saraya participated in the ISSA/Interclean Amsterdam 2014

Saraya is proud to announce its successful attendance at the ISSA/Interclean Amsterdam 2014 held for 4 days from May 6th through May 9th. More than 650 companies worldwide exhibited at the event which attracted 28,000 international visitors from 130 countries this year. Saraya mainly showcased our new washroom amenity lineup "Sanilavo" which will debut in August. Its black and white stylish design reminiscent of Japanese brush strokes caught visitors' eyes and we were fortunate to be visited by as many as 350 people. Visitors showed great interest in the line up's usability as well as the model washroom built into the booth showing off Sanilavo's total washroom coordination.
We would like to thank everybody who visited our booth during the exhibition. Also, we appreciate your patience until Sanilavo's official release in August!

For more on Sanilavo, please visit at:


May 6, 2014
Opening of the Sanilavo Website!

Saraya is pleased to announce the opening of a new website for the upcoming washroom amenity lineup Sanilavo. Created for usability with a sense for modern interior design this compact amenity lineup is a complete solution for changing any washroom into a hygienic and comfortable space. The amenities feature a prominent black and white pattern reminiscent of Japanese brush strokes and debuts this August. You will be able to see and experience this stylish lineup in ISSA/Interclean Amsterdam 2014 from May 6th to 9th prior to its official launch.

Please come visit us at our booth at 11.405 as well as our Sanilavo site at :


April 23, 2014
Participation in China Beauty Expo 2014.

Saraya (Shanghai) Biotech Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce our participation in the China Beauty Expo 2014, taking place in the Shanghai New International Expo Center from May 7 to 9. The all new Cocopalm hair care series will be on display together with our most popular products Arau, Arau Baby, Happy Elephant and the famous Yashinomi series. Cocopalm is a massage hair care series created with the essence of a tropical spa resort. We are exited to introduce Cocopalm to the Chinese market and looking forward to having you at our booth at W3M20!

For more on the China Beauty Expo, please go to:


April 23, 2014
Saraya (Shanghai) Biotech Co., Ltd. exhibited in China Clean Expo.

Saraya (Shanghai) Biotech Co., Ltd. exhibited in China Clean Expo from March 31 to April 2, 2014 in Shanghai. Visitors were shown a huge range of Saraya products from food sanitation to public hygiene. The Smart San food sanitation chemical line was accompanied by the new WS-3000F hand hygiene station with sensor water, foam soap and alcohol sanitizer spray for automated hand hygiene. Public Hygiene featured a new Pinky Peach fragranced foam soap and new washroom amenities.

China Clean Expo is the largest exposition for cleaning products in Asia, which gathered over 10,000 global visitors this year. Our booth was fortunate to be visited by 200 people including buyers of large commercial complexes. We would like to thank everybody who visited us at our booth during the expo!


April 22, 2014
Indian hand hygiene movie.

The movie was created to spread the importance of cleaning hands with alcohol-based hand sanitizer for public hygiene. The movie takes hints from Bollywood elements and is very entertaining. This fun and entertaining video helps the general public and children learn the proper hand sanitizing method.

This movie is being shown in Indian villages at a mobile movie theater called the Theater for Good, which is aimed to spread health and hygiene knowledge to Indian rural villages in corporation with Japanese companies.
Saraya India's hand disinfectant, RubbingACE-I, plays an important part in the movie.

Enjoy the movie and learn proper hand hygiene to protect yourself and others from germs and illness.

What is the Theater for Good? (Japanese only)


April 18, 2014
Saraya Hygiene Malaysia participated in Food & Hotel Asia (FHA) held in Singapore from 8th-11th April 2014.

Food & Hotel Asia began in 1978 and has been held every 2 years since. Much anticipated both locally and internationally, FHA bring to the market a large number of food and hospitality products from around the world.

With more than 3000 exhibitors from 64 countries/regions participating in FHA 2014, Saraya Hygiene Malaysia is honored to participated in exhibition too. Saraya Hygiene Malaysia showcased a series of Smart San products, together with tools and dispensers which included CF-5000, IS-9000 stand with monitor display and the WS-3000F an all-in-one hand washing sink with automatic foam soap, water and alcohol jet spray dispensing as the new star of the Saraya global food sanitation line up.

We would like to thank everybody who visited us at our booth during the exhibition and would love to hear from your response to us soon!


April 12, 2014
Participation in ISSA / Interclean Amsterdam 2014.

SARAYA is pleased to announce our participation in ISSA /Interclean Amsterdam 2014 from May 6th to 9th. Our brand new washroom amenity lineup will make its appearance at the show. This new amenity lineup is a complete solution for changing washrooms into a hygienic and comfortable space with dispensers for soap, sanitizer, toilet seat cleaner, air freshener, toilet tissue, and paper towels, as well as a dust bin. The design takes a modern approach to interior design with a prominent black and white pattern reminiscent of Japanese brush strokes, both restrained and expressive at the same time to add an elegant flare to the washroom. It is an example of high technology and usability, brilliantly integrated and improves on typical dispensers. Visit the SARAYA booth at 11.405 for a full demonstration of this new washroom amenity line.

The full line of stylish dispensers, amenities and hygiene solutions will debut soon.


April 2, 2014
Official Launch of Saraya Hand Disinfectant Manufacturing in Africa

We are proud to announce that our Africa office, Saraya East Africa Co., Ltd., began manufacturing operations in Uganda, Africa, this March. The factory will be producing alcohol hand disinfectant for use in Uganda's hospitals and clinics, country-wide.

Saraya launched the Wash a Million Hands Project in Uganda in partnership with UNICEF Japan to improve hand washing access and education to children and mothers in Uganda in an effort to save lives lost due to poor hygiene. During the project we realized that the hygiene environment in medical facilities also need support. The 100% Hospital Hand Hygiene Project was established in 2013 to reduce healthcare associated infections in Uganda. One of the goals of the project is to create a local alcohol disinfectant manufacturing business. Fortunately, Uganda has local sugarcane production which is can be used to make alcohol locally. With locally procured ingredients, we were able to create a sustainable hand disinfectant that is priced appropriately for the local healthcare facilities while maintaining Japanese technology, quality and know-how.

Saraya East Africa Co., Ltd. is determined to expand our sustainable social business projects as well as solve social challenges of Africa through alcohol disinfectant manufacturing by creating jobs, encouraging business and improving healthcare.


April 1, 2014
Saraya India Participated in 20th Medical Fair India, Being Held at Mumbai From March 14 - 16, 2014

Saraya India showcased its product into Healthcare hygiene and Food sanitation along with "No touch" dispenser which attracted the chief guest of the event Dr.S. Narayani ( Fortis Hospital Mulund -Head of Medical Services ). she appreciated GUD1000 BT Dispenser as it helps in preventing cross contamination of the microorganism in the healthcare settings and we were grateful to share details of others products like Hand Soap, Sanitizer,Anti bacterial floor cleaner to her. We also received overwhelming response from all the visitors from Healthcare settings, Food Industries and Distributors .  This Medical Fair  is the  India`s number one  trade for Hospitals, Healthcare centers and Clinics. Development report  shows that  rising  incomes and growing literacy are likely to drive higher per capita expenditure on healthcare. An estimate suggests that by 2017 healthcare spending could contribute 9% of GDP and employ around 10 million people.

To know more about "No Touch Dispenser" Please visit the Link: GUD - 1000

We thank every visitors from Hospital, Diagnostic center ,Food Industry  and distributor for showing interest on our products.


March 18, 2014
Announcing the new release of Kitchen Alpet home sanitizer!

We are pleased to announce the new release of Kitchen Alpet in March, 2014. Kitchen Alpet is an environmentally friendly alcohol sanitizer made from natural ingredients for household use. Alpet has been used in the food sanitation field for years because of its reliable quality in restaurants, supermarkets, hotels and convenience stores. Some people may think food poisoning is only the threat in retail food outlets such as restaurants and supermarkets, however, food poisoning risks lurk in our own kitchens as well. Saraya is releasing the reliability and safety of professional Alpet as Kitchen Alpet in home decor packaging.

Kitchen Alpet has a high antibacterial effect, removing 99.99% of viruses and bacteria, without the need to rinse or wipe off after spraying on kitchen equipment, containers and surfaces. The secret is 100% food grade ingredients, making it safe to use in the kitchen on direct food contact surfaces. Palm-derived botanical antibacterial aid glycerin-fatty acid ester is formulated to bring out the maximum antibacterial effect of food-safe ethyl alcohol. Adjusted pH neutral, Kitchen Alpet can be used on metal knives and stainless sinks without the risk of corrosion or rusting.

Enjoy safe and happy cooking with Kitchen Alpet!


March 13, 2014
Saraya Canada participated in Natural Products Expo West 2014

Saraya Canada Co., Ltd. exhibited at the Natural Products Expo West 2014 held in Anaheim, CA, USA from March 7th to 9th, which is the largest natural, organic, and healthy products trade show, bringing over 67,000 industry members.

Our Monk Fruit extract sweetener "Lakanto" was displayed with new design logo and banner. As people nowadays give more and more special attention to a natural sweetener in North American market, our Lakanto had great reaction from professionals.

We would like to thank everybody who visited us at our booth.

Our Lakanto products and detailed information are available at


March 12, 2014
Announcing Arau Baby +, a new product series in the Arau family.


Saraya Co., Ltd. is announcing a new product line up, Arau Baby + (Arau Baby Plus), which joined the Arau series family of additive free natural home, body and baby care products this March. Arau Baby + takes the concept of gentle plant ingredients and synthetic-free ingredients and builds on it with gentle baby skin care moisturizing lotion. Saraya is bringing more natural, additive-free products to support baby care needs.

Arau Baby + Moisturizing Lotion, is being released as the first item in the Arau Baby + series, which was developed in response to Japanese mothers' requests for baby care needs and price. Baby's young skin is half the thickness of adults' skin and has less protecting moisture and sebum. Arau Baby + Moisturizing Lotion contains sophorolipid, developed by Saraya is a natural and gentle cleaning agent made from a unique process of fermenting raw palm oil. As with the rest of Arau and Arau Baby products, it is free of synthesized surfactants and other skin irritating chemicals such as preservatives, alcohol, synthesized fragrances and colors. In addition, it is adjusted to the natural pH of the skin to prevent irritation. Moisturizing comes from a balanced amount of natural ingredients such as organic lavender oil, olive-derived squalane, jojoba seed oil and macadamia nut oil for the perfect thickness that leaves no sticky feeling on the skin.

Please try Arau Baby + Moisturizing Lotion. We are confident that you and your baby will love it!


February 25, 2014
New release from the safe and sustainable detergent series Happy Elephant!


We are pleased to announce the new release of Happy Elephant Laundry Liquid in March, 2014, a highly biodegradable detergent formulated with a unique, groundbreaking natural cleansing agent known as "sophorolipid". It is safe to wash clothes for people with sensitive skin and babies because Happy Elephant does not have skin irritant agents such as petroleum based surfactants, fluorescent whiteners, bleaches, colors and synthetic fragrances. While being gentle on the environment and skin, Happy Elephant has a detergency as strong as synthetic detergents. The gentle scent of natural lavender and tea tree essential oils is perfect for those who find synthetic fragrances too strong or irritating. Happy Elephant uses RSPO certified sustainable palm oil.

We hope Happy Elephant Laundry Liquid will make your laundry time happier!


January 24, 2014
The opening of Happy Elephant website.

We are excited to announce the opening of our new website for Happy Elephant! Happy Elephant is a completely new type of ecologically sustainable home cleaning products made with SOPHOROLIPID, a special cleaning agent made from natural yeast and sustainable palm oil. All ingredients are natural and food-based. We created Happy Elephant out of the hope that each household can contribute to the safety, happiness and future of the wildlife in the rainforest. 1% of sales are donated to the Borneo Conservation Trust to develop a Green Corridor along the rivers of Borneo for a sustainable future of biodiversity in the rain forest. Please visit the website to learn more about Happy Elephant!


January 20, 2014
Agreement Reached for Taking Control of Malaysia Sanitation Company

SARAYA Co., Ltd. (HQ: Osaka / President Yusuke Saraya) has reached an agreement to acquire a 100% stake in the Goodmaid group, a Malaysian sales and manufacturing company of sanitation and hygiene products. In this acquisition of Goodmaid Chemicals Corporation Sdn. Bhd. and related companies, SARAYA is strengthening its presence in the ASEAN region.
The Goodmaid Group manufactures and markets a variety of sanitation products out of Malaysia meeting international standards for production and research. It serves the ASEAN market with household detergents and cleaning goods and a full line of professional grade products for large scale sanitation. Local manufacturing allows Goodmaid to provide products at a reasonable price to Malaysia consumers.

SARAYA Co., Ltd. began expanding abroad in 1995 and has since established itself in the center of the ASEAN region with offices in Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam selling high quality Japanese hygiene products with customer-centered service. SARAYA also manufactures in Thailand for the Japanese market and other sales offices in Asia. However, with the rapidly developing ASEAN market leading to an increased awareness in health and hygiene, SARAYA expects increasing growth in manufacturing and sales for the area. Malaysia, strategically centered in the area, is an ideal area to lead development for ASEAN business, and a vital reason for considering the purchase of the Goodmaid Group, which has established manufacturing, sales and logistic networks.

In the future, the Goodmaid Group will be run by SARAYA Hygiene Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. and focus on strengthening growth locally and for other SARAYA group companies around the world by contributing SARAYA's technological expertise to Goodmaid, creating a network of business solutions for strengthening sales and competitiveness.

Post-Takeover Goodmaid Group Outline:

HQ : Malaysia
Stockholder: Saraya Hygiene Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (100%)
Operations:Sales and manufacturing of household and industrial detergents and cleaning goods. OEM manufacturing.
Revenue : 1.3 Billion yen (Dec. 2013 Forecast)

Download Goodmaid M&A Press Release 2014


May 5, 2012



January 23, 2012





Dec 5, 2011



法拉比哈薩克斯坦國立大學是在哈薩克斯坦教育和學習的領導中心,擁有超過20,000名學生和數十個科學和文科課程。法拉比第一屆國際食品安​​全學校作為主題,提供7天密隻的食品安全講習會,由129 - 15日先由來自世界各地的專家主持。將詳細討論在哈薩克斯坦,日本,歐洲和美國的食品安全情況,以及在檢測污染和防止疫症的最新研究。