Nitrile Examination Gloves

Nitrile provides the best chemical resistance in a disposable glove with a wide variety of uses throughout healthcare facilities without any risk of allergic reaction. Saraya nitrile has a superior fit and stretch without reducing strength.

Light and thin powder free type nitrile gloves with excellent strength, stretch and protection.
Great fit with extra grip engineered into the fingertips to improve your work performace and comfort.
Nitrile is latex free so anybody can wear with no worries.

Pieces per box : 200 Gloves
Color : Blue, white
Size : XS, S, M, L
Product code :
• 51069 (White S)
• 51071 (White M)
• 51072 (White L)
• 51073 (White XS)
• 51065 (Blue S)
• 51066 (Blue M)
• 51067 (Blue L)
Boxes per case :
• 200
Others : Chemical resistance Glutaraldehyde 4% > 240mn (ASTM F739) Formaldehyde 10% > 30mn (ASTM F739) Sodium Hydroxide 40% > 480 mn (EN 374)
Physical properties * Tensile strength: 18 (Before deterioration), 16 (After deterioration): ASTM D412 * Maximum elongation (%): 500 (Before deterioration), 400 (After deterioration): ASTM D412
Water tightness (Pinhole) AQL 1.5 (ASTM D 5151)
Standard specification for nitrile examination gloves for medical application (ASTM D6319)
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