WHO Patient Safety


The most promoted tool by the WHO for the Multimodal Hand Hygiene
Improvement Strategy Program is the :

Hand Hygiene Self Assessment Framework

This framework is a questionnaire that any healthcare facility can use to evaluate how ecient their current hygiene system is. The framework questions are divided into 5 distinct parts each corresponding to one chapter of the WHO Multimodal Hand Hygiene Improvement Strategy Program.

As a result of self evaluating its own take on hand hygiene, an healthcare facility is able to identify the key areas of hand hygiene practice where it needs to particularly improve on to strive to better practices. Only by being aware of one's aws (Ex: Lack of commitment to training healthcare workers, asbence of hand hygiene infrastrucuture in some key parts of the hospital etc) can we know where to head for improvement, which why one of the WHO prirority within the Clean Care is Safer Global Patient Safety Challenge is to generalize its use amongst healthcare settings.

Lastly, Global Patient Safety Challenge includes emerging technologies to connect with the world through web seminar trainings on hand hygiene conducted regularly worldwide.

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